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Could you look past the crumbling patio?

Sometimes purchasing a home is not feasible. If you end up in a rental there is no reason why you shouldn’t make it into a home.

Rentals can be an extremely challenging situation when you don’t have much control of the condition of the property you’re moving into. This particular property unfortunately had previous tenants that didn’t take care of the yard at all and began allowing it to fall apart. But perception is reality right? I know I am a glass half full kind of person and that is why I put together this super cute and inviting patio. This is what you see as soon as you step out the back door of this Parker, Colorado home. a cute all weather rug, fire pit, hammock, puppy pool, And this awesome DIY string light Pergola. All we did was buy some pressure-treated wooden posts and set them in concrete in some 5 gallon paint buckets and topped it off with white rocks. We then strung bistro lights above this patio and all of a sudden you have a space you never want to leave. Now here’s a truth bomb for you…


this photo below to see what the rest of the yard looks like. There are some things you’re just not going to do if it’s not your property so remember what you have control of and make it work for you. What’s out of your control, decide to be OK with it and focus on the positive.